To start a tourist activity in the small village of Skrilje in the Vipava valley, it is a great victory for us. We are extremely pleased that our project is supported by the local community, the village society and, last but not least, our co-settlers. Last week we also officially opened the season. In spite

How was the RockVelo born?

This is a true story of our RockVelo business. I think it`s a great example of how are E-bikes changing the cycling world altogether! Thanks for reading and looking forward to your comments! Back in 2017, I was 4 months pregnant, feeling really good and not having any medical problems. As an athlete, I was

Finally, it`s here! Winter solstice means spring is coming, days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Although there is no snow in Vipava Valley lows, surrounding peaks are covered in white these days. As we`re intensely working on website design and developing our product, you may find something new around here practically every day.