The Vipava valley by E-bike

Just an hour drive away from the Slovenian capital lies the sunniest region in Slovenia – the Vipava valley. Carved by the water and Bora wind is home for some of the most excellent wines, magnificent natural scenery and warm locals. The Vipava valley is a perfect place for cycling year-round. Read on to discover

Why go Cycling in Slovenia

If you looked at a map of the top European cycling destinations just a few years ago, you would be hard-pressed to spot Slovenia amongst them. You would certainly find the famous Dolomite passes and see pictures of the French Alps or rolling Tuscan hills, but now the cycling scene is changing fast and Green

RockVelo at EUROBIKE 2019

EUROBIKE trade show Friedrischafen, Germany 4.-7.9.2019Travel Talk & Holiday on Bike This year you may find us at the worlds biggest bike show – the EUROBIKE trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We`ll collaborate at cycling tourism symposium “Travel Talk” on Friday, 6th of September throughout the day. There you will be able to connect with

36 hours in Vipava Valley

The valley is picturesque. If you are reading this, you most likely already know that so let’s just dive into the best ways to spend 36 hours in Vipava Valley. A bird’s eye view Paragliding and hang-gliding – if you want to see the entire valley – quite literally – there is no other way

Na dan državnosti, 25. junija je PD Ajdovščina s slovesnostjo na Koči pod Golaki odprlo 35km dolg odsek Slovenske turnokolesarske poti od Predmeje do Trstelja. Kot redni ‘uporabniki’ smo pri Rockvelu izjemno veseli, da pot STKP poteka tudi skozi Vipavsko dolino. Hvaležni smo, da se te poti urejajo in označujejo do te mere, da so

Spring holidays are coming and wonderful weather is perfect for outdoor activities. This season you may explore Vipava Valley with rental e-bikes. You can ride over hills&valleys and still catch your breath:) E-bikes make cycling fun even for non-cyclists. We`ve prepared some special bike routes which you may visit by yourself or accompanied by our

To start a tourist activity in the small village of Skrilje in the Vipava valley, it is a great victory for us. We are extremely pleased that our project is supported by the local community, the village society and, last but not least, our co-settlers. Last week we also officially opened the season. In spite

How was the RockVelo born?

This is a true story of our RockVelo business. I think it`s a great example of how are E-bikes changing the cycling world altogether! Thanks for reading and looking forward to your comments! Back in 2017, I was 4 months pregnant, feeling really good and not having any medical problems. As an athlete, I was

Finally, it`s here! Winter solstice means spring is coming, days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Although there is no snow in Vipava Valley lows, surrounding peaks are covered in white these days. As we`re intensely working on website design and developing our product, you may find something new around here practically every day.

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