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THULE Chariot Lite bike trailer makes on and off-road cycling fun for the whole family! A perfect match for your rental E-bike.

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Unique bike trailer by THULE. Chariot Lite trailer sports leaf-spring suspension and enables you and your kiddo to conquer on and off-road paths. Ideal combination with our e-bikes for unmatched family fun!

Chariot LITE by THULE is suitable for kids from 8 months, up to 25kg bodyweight. Toddlers can ride with an additional baby sling (available too per request).

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Technical info

Empty weight 8kgAdjustable suspension5 point security harnessDežno pokrivalo, mrežica proti insektomStojalo za "parkiranje" kolesa in prikolicePrikolica je kompatibilna z našimi e-kolesiZa namestitev na svoje kolo potrebujete sedežno oporo dimenzije 30.8mm


Single day rental 29€

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