A perfect cycling holiday in the Vipava valley countryside - Saksida Estate ***

Posestvo Saksida izposoja koles kolesarski izleti

The Saksida Estate in Zalošče near Dornberk is an excellent rural setting for guests who are looking for a peaceful stay and outdoor activities. On the property, you can rent top-quality electric and mountain bikes, and we are also available with the rest of the RockVelo cycling offer of extra bikes & guided tours.

Bikes available for rent at Saksida Estate

Electric mountain bike

SUNN Flash S2

Classic Mountain Bike

SUNN Exact S2

E-bike Pricelist

Rental price per day
1 day 49€
2 days 45€
3 days and more 42€
special weekly price 38€

Price List Mountain Bike

Rental price per day
1 day 35€
2 days 25€
3 days and more19€
Special weekly price 22€


The Vipava valley is a wonderful region for cycling of all kinds! We have prepared three cycling routes for you, which start with us and are suitable for cycling with mountain and electric bicycles, which you can rent from us. The easiest of them is also suitable for cycling with children. While cycling, stop at our BIKE | STOP | ENJOY points, where they have a special offer for cyclists. Download a free app that will guide you on the routes:


A cycling trip for the youngest

Cycling along the river Vipava , enjoying the peace and even cooling off in the pleasant water on a hot summer day! On the way back, stop in Vipavski Križ for refreshments. The trip is also suitable for cycling with children. On the main road, turn left and continue to the small industrial zone, where a signpost directs you. Continue along the macadam road by the railway. When you cross the Vipava river for the second time, you will see several nice sposts along the way, where you can stop. From the village of Male Žablje you can extend the trip to the Vipavski Križ, where the BIKE | STOP | ENJOY point Darovi Vipavske is perfect for a stop and refreshment. You`ll cycle back to Saksida Estate on the same route along the railway.


A loop around the Vipava valley

This slightly longer cycling trip takes you through the valley of the river Branica, from where you ascend to the Vipava valley. A view over the vineyards of Nanos  and Gora mountain range awaits you. Back to the resort you will return along rural roads through vineyards and experience some of the most beautiful corners of our valley. We recommend a stop at the Bike Point Hiša posebne sorte in Kodreti, a visit to the village of Goče and BIKE | STOP | ENJOY refreshment points: Molendini Summer Bar in Manče and Darovi Vipavske in Vipavski Križ . The trip is more varied and real pleasure on electric bikes!


Explore Karst region

A cycling trip takes you to the Karst , which is famous for its stone, Teran and prosciutto . To begin with, the ascent over the Iron Gate pass awaits you , which offers beautiful views over the Vipava valley, all the way to the Alps. When you overcome the slope, you can calmly cycle through karst villages, where you can admire the skill of stonemasons in authentic karst architecture. Follow the side roads and macadam paths to the village of Štanjel , which deserves time to explore. The only thing waiting for you is the descent back to the Branica valley and easy cycling back to Saksida resort . Since the trip is varied, an electric bike will be most suitable choice!


With RockVelo, we have set up BIKE | STOP | ENJOY cycling points in the Vipava valley, where they have a special offer for you:

- Gifts of Vipava , Vipavski Križ
- Faladur , Vipava
- Pelicon , Ajdovščina
- Jolly Bar & Grill , Vipava
- Pension Sinji Vrh
- Molindini Summer Bar , Manče
- Zoro Bar , Štanjel

At all points, you can safely park your bikes on special stands and recharge your E-bikes!

Additional cycling offer at Saksida Estate

  • Road side assistance
  • Guided Cycling Tours & Tastings
  • Bike point & rest stop